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Kenneth Scott Bateman - CNR Engineer



Ken Bateman of Smithers BC was an engineer for CNR for 25 years before he and Frank Watson died in a slide on November 2, 1978 - Image from Robert McDonald of oil-electric.com

The Trainwreck of 78 took the lives of Ken Bateman and Frank Watson in northern British Columbia

Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics in Kelowna British Columbia provides you with professional graphics and web design




Sketched  CNR caboose by Ken BAteman of Boo Graphics in Kelowna BC

Some of the links provided on this page are related to the storm or train wreck of 1978 in North Central British Columbia. Other links take you to websites which provide photos and information about railroad transportation in BC, Canada, and other countries. Finally, there are links to communities, people, and locations, in British Columbia. If you have a website you'd like listed on this page please email me: hoghead@trainwreckof78.ca





A photo sketcked by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics in Kelowna BC


Robert McDonald lived in Prince Rupert BC during the fifties and early sixties where he saw the change from steam locomotives to diesel.





Oil-Electric.com is a fasinating blog of oil-electric locomotion. The collection of photos and information is tremendous. Blog owner, Robert McDonald and his family, lived in Prince Rupert some of the same years which we lived there. We have communicated and Robert has shared photos and information with me.

Prince Rupert Rail Images provides many fantastic photos and information of rail transportation



Prince Rupert Rail Images

This site was started so I could share my collection of railway images I have been taking for the past few years. All photos are my own work unless otherwise noted. From time to time I travel and try to take photos in different locations. I will post mostly images shot in Prince Rupert but not limited to here.


CN Line SIG is a special interest group focuses on the Canadian Nationa family of railways in Canadal



CN Lines Special Interest Group

(CN Lines SIG) is an international self-sustaining operational research and historical society that exclusively focuses on the Canadian National family of railways, and actively promotes the art of modelling them accurately. The focus of the SIG is on all constituent parts of the system during periods of CN ownership. Except as background, it normally does not cover lines prior to amalgamation into Canadian National, nor components after they have been sold or leased to other operators



BC Locomotive Works



British Columbia Locomotive Works

Established in 2006 by David Hancock, BCLW grew quickly to become one of the top resources
for Microsoft Train Simulator addons. Today, with over 100 downloads and 15 members,
we offer high quality downloads featuring railways from all over the world. We hope you enjoy
the many downloads available and come back soon.


West Coast Rail Association works to perserve the heritage of railroads in British Columbia


West Coast Railway Association - Preserving BC's Railway Heritage

The origin of the West Coast Railway Association (WCRA) can be traced back to 1958 when the steam engine was in its last days. As history was passing before their eyes, the pioneers of the Association, ten in all, began meeting on a regular basis and started acquiring a collection of rail cars and artifacts. Over the years the Association has grown and evolved but its purpose remains the same: to collect, preserve and restore railway cars and artifacts and operate a licensed railway.


Grand Trunk Pacific railway heritage in British Columbia




Vanishing British Columbia - Grand Trunk Pacific Railway

At villages and whiste stops across northern B.C., the little stations of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway once provided a connection with the outside world. I had believed there was just one left--the Kwinitsa Station that was moved about 70 km. west and restored to provide a museum building on the Prince Rupert waterfront (ironically, not far from the main GTPR station).


Kamloops Heritage Railway's 2141 Steam Locomotive and Heritage Train

Locomotive 2141 is one of a group of 25 engines (numbered 2130 to 2154) built by the Canadian Locomotive Company in Kingston, Ontario for the Canadian Northern Railway (later Canadian National Railway).  Her classification is "light consolidation" because of her 2-8-0 wheel configuration.  She is "light axle loading" - 114 tons in working order.  Her official class is M-3-d. She is the only survivor of this type.  She has 57" drivers, 23" x 25" cylinders, and her boiler is rated at 180 psi.  She has a haulage rating of 35%, which means she can pull 30 loaded old-time cars, or about 9 loaded modern coal cars.  The engine weighs about 190,000 lbs or 95 tons and originally burned coal.  She was converted to burn oil in 1948.  The tender carries 6,000 gallons of water and 3,000 gallons of fuel.  When working hard, 2141 can go about 50 miles between water fill-ups and 125 miles before needing more fuel.


Historic Trans Continental Line Railway Public Time Table from Old Time Trains website



Old Time Trains - National Transcontinental Railway

Begun in 1904 at a time of seemingly endless prosperity and growth, its creation was encouraged by the newly-elected Liberal government of Sir Wilfred Laurier at the urging of Sir Charles Rivers-Wilson, Chairman of the Grand Trunk Railway. It was an expansion into the west where previously the Canadian Pacific Railway reined along with Mackenzie and Mann's Canadian Northern.

Originally the Grand Trunk had only wanted to build west from North Bay. This was a threat to the CPR, one that Charles Melville Hays, General Manager of the GTR hoped would make the CPR offer running rights through Northern Ontario. The CPR was a better poker player and didn't fall for the bluff. Later, it was changed to start at Quebec City at the urging of Laurier. The government was to be a major partner in the works.



Bad Order Blog - My Blog of BC Sports, Graphic Design, Railway, and BC

This is a Wordpress Blog I started some years ago and maintain it to some degree. If I had more participation in the topics and postings I would try to keep up. Very soon I will be designing a forum about the railroad which will be listed on this site. I welcome everyone to have their say, even if it is that they hate trains. It takes all kinds.

Kasugai Garden in Kelowna BC is a website I designed using only my photos and graphics



Kasugai Garden - Kelowna BC

Kelowna, BC and Kasugai, Japan are sister cities. Kasugai Garden shows honor of this sistership and contains plants, fish, animals, and art from Japan. Kasugai, Japan returns the favor. I designed this site with only my photographs and graphics. This site is CSS and XHTML validated.


Boo News - About Boo Graphics, Websites on the Network, and Family & Friends

I've had this news site going for a few years and try to keep up on posting new topics on a regular basis. It doe not always work that way, but I try. It mostly list things which are important to family and friends or new websites and graphics. This site is also a place where others can have their say or tell their story.


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