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Kenneth Scott Bateman - CNR Engineer



Ken Bateman of Smithers BC was an engineer for CNR for 25 years before he and Frank Watson died in a slide on November 2, 1978 - Image from Robert McDonald of oil-electric.com

The Trainwreck of 78 took the lives of Ken Bateman and Frank Watson in northern British Columbia

Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics in Kelowna British Columbia provides you with professional graphics and web design




Contributions & Credits

This page shows and tells what other people have experienced during the end of October and early November 1978 in Noth Central British Columbia. I appeciate you being willing to share the storey of your time during the strom with us at Trainwreckof78.ca. We try to give full credits and links to those who have contributed. For newspaper photos and reports credit is given to newspaper and reporter or photographer. If I do not know who to credit, the lack of credit is given. If any newspaper, reporter, photographer, individual person, or other, feel I have not given credit or wrong credit, please email me: hoghead@trainwreckof78.ca

I welcome you to contribute to this site. Those who live or have lived in northern BC know the beauty of the area and the solidity the people who live there. When I was very young and lived in Prince Rupert. I used to watch the steam engines switching in the yard. I saw the steam engines leave and the diesel locomotives take over. I missed the steam engine. Railway was a huge part of my life and I was lucky to be able to travel with my father on the head end until 1972 and I enjoy those memories so much.

Then railway passenger service began to dwindle away in BC. That fantastic way to travel was departing. The time of the steam engine, the dining cars with silverware and cloth napkins, going over tressels hundreds of feet high and a quarter of a miles long, were departing for memories. Yes, the Via-Skeena run between Jasper and Prince Rupert does exist today. However, those of us who remember how it was, also know it is just not the same.

Canadian National Railways locomotives were Kenneth Scott Bateman's life and love and it is where he died in 1978




Photo sketched by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphic in Kelowna BC

Any contributions you would like to make to Trainwreck.ca and help perserve this past, please email me: hoghead@trainwreckof78.ca Your stories will help this page and website continue to grow. The Train Wreck of 78 forum is coming soon. I will update this website and send emails to all those on the list when the Forum is complete.






CNR Time Table for Terrace, October 25, 1959. Images contributed by Robert D. McDonald of Oil-Electric.com. Robert is a few years older than myself but ironically we lived some of the same years during the 1950's in Prince Rupert, BC. Oil-Electric.com is an awesome site (blog) with a wealth of information and photos. If you are interested in the history of railway travel in North America and more, you will spend hours here. Click on the Time Table image to see in a full view Time Table PDF file.




Gerald Siemens is an artist and friend in Kelowna BC. This is a sketch he did of Engine #3 in Summerland BC. I will be getting more information about this sketch soon which I will post. This is very nice work and it hangs on the wall in my home. If you are interested in a print please email me and I will talk with him. At this time I do not know the price. I am also encouraging him to do more projects on the Railway in British Columbia.



Seven Sisters Mountains

This is a photograph of Seven Sisters Mountains modified and enhanced in Corel Painter to become a water color painting.

  Sketch of photgraph of Seven Sister Mountains done by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics in Kelowna BC

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